About Us

The Fidelio Charitable Trust was established in 2008 in support of the Arts in the United Kingdom. The Trustees aim to help individuals and groups who would not be able to carry out a project or activity without financial support, particularly those who are at an early stage in their careers. Such individuals and groups must be recommended by an appropriate person in an institution, college, Arts Festival and similar organisations. Applications by those seeking support for themselves will not be considered by the trustees.

The person representing the recommending institution or organisation must vouch for the competence and skill of those for whom they are applying to Fidelio and state how they were selected. They should explain their professional relationship with the individual or group, and describe accurately the project or activity for which money is required.

It is important to give as much detail as possible about how much money is needed and how the proposed budget is made up. Fidelio's funds are limited and no single grant will normally be greater than £5,000. The trustees, while willing to provide support, may sometimes only be able to part-fund a project or activity.